Our Team

CONSALT Inc. is a consultancy founded in 2022 with a focus on reducing road salt through technological innovation and data reporting/management. CONSALT aims to provide a suite of services to contractors, municipalities and conservation authorities working to implement sustainable programs/tools into their operation.

Dan Schissler

Dan's passion for freshwater preservation started during his five years working with Environment Canada as part of their Aquatic Contaminants Research Division. It was this background, coupled with his interest in small business that lead him to enter the winter maintenance industry five years ago. He applied his systematic, meticulous and data-oriented way of thinking in an effort to optimize the entire winter maintenance process, and wants to apply what he learned to the industry as whole. He believes that the only way forward is to embrace innovation, technology and transparency.

John Manore

John has always had a passion for technological solutions to environmental problems. He began his career with Ducks Unlimited Canada, where he leveraged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to preserve vital wetland habitat in Ontario. He has a decade of GIS experience solving big and small problems, and three years of experience in the landscaping and snow removal industry. He has a strong sense of how maps and data can be used to derive solutions and tell a powerful story.

CONSALT Inc. is founded with the goal of using technology to impact an important environmental issue, close to our hearts. Our intention is to provide high-quality technology and information services to the winter maintenance industry, and help to push its members to adopt innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions to some of the most common problems encountered in their day-to-day operations.

As a new business, we are excited to work with individual businesses, share our knowledge, and work together to develop custom solutions to address unique problems with your business. We understand the issue is complex and challenging, and the only way to solve problems like these is to embrace the complexity. At CONSALT we strive to simplify this process.