Reduce your dependence on road salt with CONSALT Inc.

With our expertise you can reduce your material costs, and streamline and automate your operations while helping protect our water system from the effects of chlorinated road salt.



Let us help you reduce your road salt usage and preserve freshwater environments at the same time.

Site & Portfolio Mapping

More efficient winter maintenance starts with a comprehensive understanding of the properties you manage.

Liability Protection

With insurance costs skyrocketing, let us help you prepare and protect yourself against slip & fall claims.

Salt is one of the most utilized materials in the winter maintenance industry, and plays a key role in allowing safe and efficient movement in the winter. However, it also has a destructive impact on aquatic environments, and public and regulatory pressures continue to develop against its widespread use. CONSALT can help your company reduce the amount of salt you use, saving costs as well as the environment, while preparing for a more sustainable future. Want to learn more? Reach out to our team for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you in the quest to become #LessSalty.

Site Mapping with GIS

One of the first steps in the quest for road salt reduction within an individual business is to get a clear picture of when, where and why salt is being applied. At CONSALT, we work with contractors and service providers to better understand and map the sites they maintain, implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based software tools, and provide practical insights and analysis to guide their decision making process.

Whether you want high quality maps for your clients, real-time asset management solutions, or cutting-edge GIS technologies, CONSALT can provide you with a roadmap to best utilize these emerging technologies, customized to your business. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

Slip and Falls

The current insurance situation in the snow removal industry is not sustainable. Rising premiums and unfair liability expectations have put service providers in an impossible position. By gaining a more specific and comprehensive understanding of your sites, your material usage, and by communicating this effectively to your insurance provider, you can reduce the volatility of your insurance premiums. CONSALT can help guide you through this process, and ensure that you are as prepared as possible when you have to stand up for yourself and your business!

Learn more by reading on, or reaching out to us for a free consultation.